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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

12:30 pm obviously one of the top stories. the arrest of the palestinians and the reaction to the beating and shooting of the eritrean man. all the headlines for you at >> calling for calm. secretary of state john kerry urging israel and the palestinians to take steps to ease tensions after another violent weekend. a warning to drone owners the faa has a new set of rules for you to fly by. canadians are going to the polls voting for their next government. we'll take a look at how it will effect issues on the global scale.
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>> this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters. at this hour u.s. and european officials are taking steps to remove sanctions against iran. that nuclear deal is now in effect. this weekend iran pledging to make major changes to its facilities. the sanctions won't be lifted fully until iran complies. al jazeera's andy gallagher has more on what the country must do next. >> it took years of negotiations between iran and a group of world powers known as p5+1 to put together a deal the obama administration says will be based on verification, not trust. the landmark nuclear agreement will mean that iran will curtail its nuclear program. a move that will significantly reduce its capability of nuclear weapons. in july when the agreement was reached, u.s. secretary of state john kerry said that it was a deal worth fighting for.
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>> it is a step away from the specter of conflict. and towards the possibility of peace. >> in iran, engineers begin what is thought to be the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. it involves shipping enriched fuel out of the country, all of which the iranian authorities say will be done by the end of november. iran is keen that crippling economic sanctions are eased, but the deal still has plenty of vocal critics. >> this deal does not make peace more likely. by fueling iran's aggression with billions of dollars in sanctions relief, it makes war more likely. >> the next few weeks as iran implements an agreement that is deeply unpore lay may not be the most difficult. inspections will be key, critics warn of the potential for cheating a disagreement. >> it does not fully resolve the wide range of issues that we
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have a big difference. and so we're going to have to continue to put pressure on them through the international community. >> recent footage on iranian state television that shows tunnels packed with missiles. pictures were released just days after iran tested a new long-range missile that the u.s. say may have breached an u.n. council resolution. >> there is a great deal at stake. that's especially true of president obama. his administration managed to broke arrest deal that few ever thought were possible. the next few weeks may shape his foreign policy legacy more than anything else. >> israeli police opening an investigation into the death of an eritrean asylum seeker who was mistakenly shot. he was shot i in a bus station.
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secretary kerry asked for both sides to disfine their dispute over a holy site. >> well, israel has categorically dismissed the idea of international observers coming in to thal aqsa mosque compound. but it is definitely something that the palestinian government wants. in the latest, a member of the plo and one of their negotiators have said that they asked for international observers to come in. they've also asked for investigations to be opened and independent investigation into the al aqsa mosque and the west
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bank. they will meet and discuss and make a decision about it. there was a news conference earlier today in which they made clear that palestinians have the right to live their lives. she asked the international community not to automatically adapt the israeli narrative of the events that are happening on the ground. she said it's very difficult for palestinians, whether they're journalists or civilians or members of the government or police to get into areas where attempted or alleged attacks happened in places like jerusalem to be able to get both sides of the stories and witness accounts. she also said that the majority of the palestinian youth who are out protesting are largely unarmed, and that while there may be a few people carrying weapons and possibly carrying out attacks, hey said that with the situation in the occupied palestinian territories with the occupation getting as bad as it is now that you can't really be
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surprised that palestinians are willing to die. >> before we let you go, what is the view from gaza on the events happening in israel and in the west bank? >> well people in gaza have been very frustrated over the ends of the last of the gaza war. they say the crossings are always closed. there is no movement of through the strip. they say unemployment is on the rise. they're watching very intensively on what is happening on the occupied west bank. there really isn't a desire for anything to flare-up in the gaza strip. but a few people have told us that they're keeping a very close high on developments in the west bank, and they consider it revenge as to what happened to them. >> thank you very much. >> secretary of state john kerry said he'll meet separately with israeli and palestinian leaders, he said finding a solution to this crisis is critical.
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>> obviously the united states remains deeply concerned and engaged in efforts to help israel with respect to its security. but we also share a global interest in seeing the region find a way forward to avoid this kind of confrontation and senseless loss of life. >> the latest tension involving fears that israel will restrict access to the al aqsa mosque. kerry does not expect any changes in the status quo at the hole site. a new flood of refugees glowing russian military action in syria. the forces backed by russian airstrikes expand their ground offensive to aleppo now. thousands have fled in recent days. the town 30 miles away from the turkish border. more than 2 million refugees already i living in turkey.
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thousands try to cross the border as police try to block their entry. officials saying that they're overcrowded and can't take in any more people. al jazeera has the latest. >> in the dark of night and the rain they walk west. their final destination unknown. most are from syria escaping war. all trying to find refuge somewhere in europe. >> it may be ten days we would have 35,000 migrants in slovenia, which is unacceptable for us. >> in this no man's land, police fire shots in the air. officers tell them to wait behind bashed wire fences. more than 200,000 people have arrived from serbia in the last month. hungary and several others former communist states have already closed their borders.
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>> winter is here and the numbers have not gone down. the more desperate people on the move, the winter is going to add to their suffering. >> bundled up in plastic, darks, black they brave the cold. on foot and in trains they condition handling one obstacle, one hurdle at a time. >> it will take everything. >> from serbia to croatia, thousands have now arrived to slovenia. the government there says it will accept a few thousand refugees a day. >> croatia asks to process 5,000 migrants a day. and on the other hand we have a request saying they cannot accept 1500. >> observers say that that limit means people will get stuck in croatia. germany says it is accepting 1 million asylum seekers this year but making it to these
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countries does not guarantee these refugees will be able to start building their new lives. al jazeera. >> federal appeals court up holding the main provisions after the sandy hook school shootings. those being the ban on automatic weapons and large magazines. the transportation department will announce a new push to regulate drones. it will require everyone who bias drone to register it with the government. it has become a $4 billion industry. as we have reports the devices have been involved in several dangerous incidents in recent months. >> a government task force is expected to start meeting within weeks to draw up rules requiring every new drone to be registered with the government. that is in response to a booming drone market in some dangerous encounterers. in august two planes at
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new york's jfk airport came within 100 feet of a drone. earlier this year a drone similar to this model about two feet in environment went down on the grounds of the white house. >> it does serve as a very powerful reminder right on the white house door step that drones can be used in ways that they can threaten our national security. >> the drones can be sophisticated with technology, and they're becoming increasingly important in some industries. >> they're used by business, by agriculture. farmers use it to see if their cows escape the ranch. >> drones can carry engine from cameras to weapons. >> the gee joe fencing would not allow the drone to fly within two miles of an airport, 500 feet over the fbi
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headquarters, over a parade. that would solve the problem. >> at least 45 states are considering their own drone regulation bills. al jazeera. >> planned parenthood said it will take legal action after texas moved to cut off the organization's medicaid funding. in a letter state health officials saying they can no longer insure that clinics provide services in a safe, legal andeth cam manner. louisiana's governor tried to do the same thing, now a judge has ordered governor bobby jindal to continue funding planned parenthood for two weeks. >> when we come back. koreans reuniting north and south. families preparing to meet after decades after being separated by politics. and it is election day in canada. we'll take a look at three contenders there and how it will
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effect international issues.
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>> canadians are going to the polls to elect a new parliament. an ebattleground for the election. john, they're calling today's vote historic. why? >> yes, well, you know, you're right about one thing, del. whoever wins this election will have to win big right here in the city of toronto and in the province of ontario. the reason why they're calling it historic is three-fold.
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most expensive in canadian history. each party can spend $15 million on their campaign. the longest election in history, and this is the first time that there will be a first and third place in opinion holes. let's go to the blue video first of all and bring up the blues. this is the conservative party. you can think of them as the republicans, if you will. stephen harper is running on a low tax, family values and tough security ticket, but he has been in power for ten years. they call it the harper decade. 60% to 70% of the canadians want him gone. who is the opponent? this is junes trudeau true--justin trudeau, his father was a famous prime minister. he's going in the option direction than harper. he'll raise taxes and run a $10 billion deficit before
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balancing the budget. a $10 billion deficit is not that big in the economy. he's going to raise taxes. he's going to use it to boost the middle class and end the recession that canada is currently in. let's just take a look at this picture taken this morning of him just off his aircraft in montreal airport. here he is with his photographer, and i believe that's his press secretary. look at that man in the middle. that's just justin trudeau. he's very, very good looking i think in america he would win the election just on his looks alone. let's go to the third matter, tom mulklar. the mdv party. this party is affiliated with the civil trade unions. i would have directed you to the u.k. in the days before tony blair. but these days, i just have to say two words, bernie sanders. >> break it down for us. how will the election work?
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>> well, they operate parliamentary system the western parliamentary system. it's based on what we have in the united kingdom. so really when you cast your vote in canada, you're not casting your vote for an individual. you're casting the vote really for your party. now there are 338 seats in the house of commons over in ottawa, the capital. so to get an majority, each party need to get 170 seats. the opinion polls, this has been one of the tightest races in canadian history. all parties have been first and third in the opinion polls. right now it's been neck and neck. but if they're correct, i stress if they're correct seems to suggest a liberal minority government. a democrat minority government coming. we shall find out in the next couple of hours. if that is the case then justin trudeau, depending on where his numbers are, he makes alliance with the house of commons or he
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does power-sharing deal or does a deal with the ndp. since the end of the first world war there have been 29 elections in canada. 13 of them have resulted in the minority government. so that's where the party has the largest number of seats but not the majority. they deal with each bill as it comes. there has only been one coalition to my knowledge. >> john, as always, thank you very much. and the campaign rhetoric is heating up here in the u.s. donald trump and jeb bush trading jabs over 9/11. treasur9/11. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. we were safe. well, the world trade center just fell down. i'm extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. i'm extremely tough on people coming in to this country. i believe that if i were running things i doubt those families would--i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> the critics say that donald
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trump is using an old fashioned blame game to tarnish the bush family with the september 11th attack. they say the team tactics are being used against hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton may be blamed for not dealing with bengahzi quickly enough. not responding to the alerts that she got. and you can make an argument that george w bush, there were congressional hearings about it. but that's not what trump is saying. trump is saying that it happened on his watch. therefore he's to blame. just like bengahzi happened on hillary's watch. therefore she's to blame. it's not a very sophisticated argument. it's trying to pin something on somebody else. it's a bullying procedure that trump is doing, and republicans are looking for someone who can stand up to the bully. >> it's unlikely that the senate hearing on the bengahzi attack in 2012 will ever lead to charge
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against hillary clinton. there. is excitement an as hundreds of families prepare to meet relatives they have not seen in 65 years. 400 south koreans are expected to cross into the north for reunions that will take place on tuesday. the event is part of an agreement trying to reduce tensions. but it's the only second such reunion in five years. >> well, this is the hotel lobby where nearly 400 south korean family members have been contacted by the north korean side that their relatives have been seeking this reunion, have been registering for that reunion. there has been a rear view mirror full of incredible personal stories, changed forever by the forces of history. among those stories i'll just share one of them. the story of a 84 woman. she was three months pregnant
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when her husband went missing. he went off on what they thought was military training, but in the confusion of the deanen wa koreanen war, he just disappeared. she raised her son and cared for his parents. and she kept her husband's shoes saying her whole life was contained in those shoes. she brought with her her 64-year-old son. she's talking about embracing both of her parents for the first time, the sense of pride finally finding out that he had a father. when you hear an old man talking in those terms. you get the sense of the emotional power that is around this place at the moment. it all gets under way on tuesday when they travel to the north korean result. they'll meet their relatives six or seven tiles over the space of
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two hours each, that will it be and they'll come back to south korea. >> that's harry fawcett reporting from south korea. even though they were separated for six decades those families will get two hours to interact with each other. they're little but they're causing a huge problem. why cities in florida are now doing everything they can to get rid of the lyon fish.
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>> i've been asked to keep my voice down caus
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>> president obama will east a special guest at the white house. the texas high school student arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school. some of his teachers were concerned that the device might be a bomb. now to an ecological cries unfolding in the state of florida. the lyon fish, that threatened tens of thousands of jobs. "america tonight" reports. >> it's hard to believe that a fish this beautiful, this fragile looking could be a menace. but the lyon fish is just that. >> they don't fear anything. >> allie has made hundreds of dives over the florida coast. he has seen firsthand how the lyon fish has overtaken local reeves. >> why are they such a problem? >> they're such a problem because, one, we don't have a
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natural predator in our waters. secondly, the rate of reproduction is ridiculous. one female over 2 million eggs a year. the third thing is that they're glut thousand a al onous eaters. >> lyon fish are doing more than surviving. they're multiplying at a furious rate. gobbling up marine life around them. here's the manmade reef with a variety of fish. here's one where the lyon fish have taken over. the fight is not just to preserve beautiful reef fish in vibrant underwater colonies. lyon fish compete directly with recreational saltwater fishing in florida. that's worst more than $7 billion a year.
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how did it all begin? household pets kept in aquariums. >> the theory that is most accepted. >> aquarium owners would release pets. >> you have gone from a couple of fish. >> from north korea to middle of brazil, and everything in between. >> that's a lot of lyon fish. >> it's loaded and they're everywhere. >> with no natural predator in florida, the state is counting on divers to keep lyon fish in check hunting them one fish at a time. there is no limit on the number of lyon fish divers can take. but it willer raid kate the
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species. they can live at depths deeper than recreational divers can go, but divers can make a difference. sheila mcvicar, al jazeera. >> the nation's top honor for humor belongs to eddie murphy. he was awarded the mark twain prize last night. many were on hand to pay tribute to the legend. murphy had everyone laughing when he accepted the honor. >> there was some confusion whether it was an award or a prize. actually it's an award. even though they call it the prize. it's an award because usually when there is a praise there is money involved. >> murphy also told an off colored joke about comedian bills coulbill cosby. many saying that eddie murphy was the reason why they went into comedy. thanks for joining us.
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i'm del walters in new york. the news continues live in london next. >> croatia reopens its border with serbia, as balkan countries struggle to cope with thousands of refugees it's. refugees. good to have you with us, i'm david foster, it's al jazeera live from london. death of an eritrean migrant who was shot in the case of mistaken identity. eight people killed in the lebanese border with syria.